JEFFERY CAMPBELL is a founder of Beyond Expectations. He is a proud father of two children: Jeffery and Kaylen, both Beyond Expectations participants. He is currently a quality control supervisor with Vietri, Inc. and has been employed with the company for 18 years. Jeffery enjoys working with children and has been a volunteer coach for the last 12 years. His interests include supporting his children as well as all children of Orange County in sports and education. Jeff believes spending a little time with a child can make a big difference.

CHARLENE CAMPBELL is a founder of Beyond Expectations. She is a native of Hillsborough and a graduate of Orange High School. Charlene is also a U.S Air Force veteran. She is currently an accounts receivable specialist with Vietri, Inc. She is the proud parent of two: Jeffery and Kaylen, both Beyond Expectations participants. Charlene is a proud advocate for all children and strives to provide support so they may succeed. She believes that all children have talents, and it is our responsibility to help them discover and grow those talents.

"Excellence is a personal code of conduct that demands that every day, you strive to do better, know more, and try harder than you did the day before. We must re-establish our relationships with true excellence." ~ Earl Graves Jr.